For the second year, the notes of Taps will fill the air in Gettysburg every evening this summer as the famous 24-note call is sounded in honor of those who have served our nation. The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania, in partnership with Taps For Veterans and Gettysburg National Military Park, invite the public to attend One Hundred Nights of Taps each evening at 7:00 p.m. from Memorial Day, May 28, through Labor Day, September 3, 2018, at the Soldiers’ National Monument in the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Presenters and Buglers

Monday May 28-Special Opening Night Ceremonies (all are welcome)

Tuesday May 29-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Bugler:Jeff Stockham, Syracuse, New York

Wednesday May 30-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Bugler: Robert Goodman, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Thursday May 31-Presenter: Presenter: Open• Bugler: Bugler: Open

Friday June 1-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Bugler: Todd Kirkwood, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Saturday June 2-Presenter Open• Bugler: David W. Miller, Pasadena, Maryland

Sunday June 3-Presenter Open• Bugler: Alex Hessler, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Monday June 4-Presenter Open• Bugler: Cole Smith, Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

Tuesday June 5- Presenter Open• Bugler: Edward Webb, Port Deposit, Maryland

Wednesday June 6-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Commemorating D-Day and the PA Soldiers who rest in the cemetery

Thursday June 7-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Larry DuPree, Cincinnati, Ohio

Friday June 8-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Michelle Poczobut, Monroe, New York

Saturday June 9-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Gettysburg Brass Band Festival Buglers-all are welcome

Sunday June 10-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Amy Gabriele, Hartisburg, Pennsylvania

Monday June 11-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Kenneth Bair, Landisburg, Pennsylvania

Tuesday June 12-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Wednesday June 13-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Louis DiLeo

Thursday June 14-Presenter: Open• Bugler: David Drayer, Steelton, Pennsylvania

Friday June 15-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Harry Dillon, Tyrone, Pennsylvania

Saturday June 16-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Harry Dillon Tyrone, Pennsylvania

Sunday June 17-Presenter: Open• Bugler: John Baker, Elkridge, Maryland

Monday June 18-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Wes Snyder, Dallastown, Pennsylvania

Tuesday June 19-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Chuck Garretson and Bill Garretson, Corinth, Texas

Wednesday June 20-Presenter: Open• Bugler: James Shufelt, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

Thursday June 21-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Aidan Peterson, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Friday June 22-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Aidan Peterson, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Saturday June 23-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Tyler Moffitt, Glenville, Pennsylvania

Sunday June 24-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Mitch Mummert, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Monday June 25-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Priscilla C King, York, Pennsylvania 

Tuesday June 26-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Jim Steele, Jacksonville, Florida

Wednesday June 27-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Tom Jenny, Napoleon, Ohio

Thursday June 28-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Judith Shellenberger, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Friday June 29-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Joseph Pittelli, Hobart, New York

Saturday June 30-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Richard Stoud, Williamsburg, Virginia

Sunday July 1-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Ralph Harris, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monday July 2- Presenter: Open• Bugler: (Taken)

Tuesday July 3-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Joseph Pittelli, Hobart New York

Wednesday July 4-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Special Guest Buglers-All are welcome

Thursday July 5-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Friday July 6-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Kraig Herman, York Pennsylvania

Saturday July 7-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Len Morse, Silver Spring, Maryland

Sunday July 8
-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Joseph Dvorsky, Laurel, Maryland

Monday July 9-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Robert Slamp, Huntsville, Alabama

Tuesday July 10-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Wednesday July 11-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Thursday July 12-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Friday July 13-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Kenny Bierschenk, West Chester, Ohio

Saturday July 14-Presenter: Open• Bugler: John R. Thomas, Bangor, Maine

Sunday July 15-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Doug Leadbitter and Jason Ortiz, Columbia, South Carolina

Monday July 16-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Rob Severson, Deephaven, Minnesota

Tuesday July 17-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Wednesday July 18-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Thursday July 19-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Friday July 20-Dave Galpern, Hyattsville, Maryland

Saturday July 21-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Jim and Chris Bonner, Mechanicsville, Virginia

Sunday July 22-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Wes Snyder, Dallastown, Pennsylvania

Monday July 23-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Tuesday July 24- Presenter: Open• Bugler: Harold L Collins II, Sevierville, Tennessee 

Wednesday July 25-Presenter: Open• Bugler: John Schmitt, Baltimore Maryland

Thursday July 26-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Jordyn Myers, York, Pennsylvania

Friday July 27-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Damon Morris, Kulpmont, Pennsylvania 

Saturday July 28-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Ronald Glazer, Clear Spring, Maryland

Sunday July 29-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Tom Rudolph, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday July 30-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Christopher Braun, Kettering, Ohio

Tuesday July 31
-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Brandon Augustine, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Wednesday August 1-Presenter: Open• Bugler: James W Shufelt, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania

Thursday August 2-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Sam Ivey, Argyle TWP, Maine

Friday August 3-Presenter: Open• Bugler: David W. Miller, Pasadena, Maryland

Saturday August 4-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Presenter: Open• Bugler: Nicholas Brown, Washington DC

Sunday August 5-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Doug Gonya, Manassas, Virginia

Monday August 6-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Priscilla C King, York, Pennsylvania

Tuesday August 7-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Brandon Augustine, Hanover, Pennsylvania

Wednesday August 8-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Albert Trapani, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Thursday August 9-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Friday August 10-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Ryan Gebhart, East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Saturday August 11-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Keith DeFontes, Parkville, Maryland

Sunday August 12-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Monday August 13-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Scott Ludwig, Hudson, Maine

Tuesday August 14-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Commemoration of VJ Day

Wednesday August 15-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Stephen Goshorn, Mountain Chase Taylors, SC

Thursday August 16-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Friday August 17-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Lacinda and Kevin Rushton, Anderson Indianapolis, Indiana

Saturday August 18- Presenter: Open• Bugler: Randy Ferrie, Simpsonville, South Carolina

Sunday August 19-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Mitch Mummert, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Monday August 20-Presenter: Open• Bugler: CJ Perosi, Pasadena, Maryland

Tuesday August 21-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Aidan Philip Languedoc, Stonington, Connecticut

Wednesday August 22-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Kevin Czarnik, Lexington, Michigan 

Thursday August 23- Presenter: Open• Bugler:            *Bugler also need to stay to play for Gettysburg College

Friday August 24-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Don Roeder, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

Saturday August 25-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Robert Balmer, Warren, Michigan

Sunday August 26-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Jay Copenhaver, New Stanton, Pennsylvania

Monday August 27-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Mark LaSarge, Traverse City, Michigan

Tuesday August 28-Presenter: Open• Bugler: 

Wednesday August 29-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Jari Villanueva, Baltimore, Maryland

Thursday August 30-Presenter: Open• Bugler: David Drayer, Steelton, Pennsylvania

Friday August 31
-Presenter: Open• Bugler: GrĂ©ggoire Martello, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saturday September 1-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Steven E. Snyder, Rosendale, New York

Sunday September 2-Presenter: Open• Bugler: Charles Aschmann, Fort Valley, Virginia

Monday September 3- All are welcome for our closing ceremony.

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