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February 17, 2024:

The Gettysburg National Military Park's Winter Lecture Series at the Gettysburg Visitor Center and Museum

Provided by the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania

Abraham Lincoln in the Archives: “New” Sources, New Questions

In 1936, historian James G. Randall posed the question, “Has the Lincoln theme been exhausted?” Scholarship over the subsequent fourscore and seven years have answered the question with a resounding “no,” and interest in Abraham Lincoln continues to be robust. Michelle A. Krowl, curator of the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress, will discuss how newly available primary source materials and the proliferation of digital tools now allow different questions to be asked, and answered about the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, and the world in which he lived.

Dr. Michelle A. Krowl is the Civil War and Reconstruction specialist in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. She is the author of several articles and books on topics relating to the Civil War, as well as Quantico, Virginia and the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. She has worked as a library assistant at the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., an assistant professor at Northern Virginia Community College, and as a research assistant for historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

On February 10, 2023, the Lincoln Fellowship celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday (yes, early) with young Gettysburg learners at the “Return Visit” Statue. The learners then went on their own special tour of the David Wills House.

The Fellowship is so thankful to Ranger Christopher Gwinn, Chief of Interpretation and Education, Gettysburg National Military Park and Ranger Barb Sanders, Education Specialist, Gettysburg National Military Park for giving the tour.

We were also greatly honored to have the Mayor of Gettysburg, Rita Frealing and Gettysburg’s Police Chief Robert W. Glenny join us on the square.

The fun continued with a school visit! Dr. Ashley Luskey read a story about Abraham Lincoln to the students and we colored in Lincoln's beard for an activity. What a great day!

Thank you Dr. Ashley Luskey, Lincoln Fellowship board member and Assistant Director of the Civil War Institute for arranging this wonderful morning.

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